Privacy Policy

Version: 2023-04-12

Who we are

Our website address is:

We are Olivsmatic Pty Ltd, ABN 86 643 294 937 – we are a Company incorporated under Australian law.

If you wish to obtain historical versions of the policy, please contact us.

Before you create account / log in

What information we collect and how do we keep it

We may collect anonymous information (such as your IP address, browser you use etc.) for our statistics and analysis. We do not use any cookies. We may track information on how did you arrive at this page and which particular pages did you visit.

Contact forms

We will store and process information you provide on the contact form for verification and training purposes, to process your message and / or answer your questions. We may use the essence of your question, with all your personal data and information that could identify you in a generic Q&A we will publish for all users that may have similar query.


We / us – Team at OlivsMatic Pty Ltd ABN 86 643 294 937 – located at Suite 104 / 109 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction NSW. Team may consist of employees and contractors. Only those people that need to access it – for legal, managerial, technical, support and development purposes – get access to it, and only as much of it as required.

Statistical and analytical purposes – this means that data collected will be analyzed by us so we understand how our platform is used and be able to improve and develop new services. This information is used by our management internally to improve our platform and your experience. We may from time to time may be disclosed to third parties for various purposes. Disclosed information will represent summary of actions of a group that includes you, not your individual data.

Examples of such information are:

  • we currently service 1,000 employers that together employ and manage 12,000 employees, up 2,000 from last year,
  • we process 700 pay events weekly, 200 fortnightly and 100 monthly,
  • 2,000 employees are using our self-service platform to access their payslips, 1,000 updated their details,
  • we process 8,000 timesheet entries per day

Error management – in an unlikely event where any of your actions will create an undesired effect, e.g. you enter data that was not accepted, tried to access page that does not exist or you were not given access to, will be recorded and used only by us to identify and eliminate / fix the error. We will store your information (who performed the action) and may contact you to gather more understanding about causes of this event (e.g. button or link did not work). You are not under obligation to provide us with this information, it\’s completely voluntary but we will appreciate your cooperation to improve our platform.

Owners – Users that are linked to Subscriber or Business File as Owner. Owners have ultimate control over the Subscriber or Business File and can grant and revoke access to Admins and change their permissions. Owners are responsible for their granting and revoking of access.

Admins – Users that are linked to Subscriber or Business File and have been given Admin permissions. Admins have full access to Subscriber or Business File as Owner and can give / remove access to other users, including Admins.

Users – people registered to to use this platform and its solutions.

Subscribers – organisations set up to manage, set up and pay subscriptions for Business Files.

Business File – file holding information about one particular business / organization and all its data stored within Clients, Suppliers, Employees, Timesheets, Projects etc.

In a nutshell – for Employees

How we collect and store your information

When we receive any information about you, whether through your self-service portal or from your employer, this information is owned by your employer and is kept private to be seen only by users authorized by your employer. We do not share this information with anyone unless legally required to do so.

We are not responsible for your employer\’s decision on who has access to your information or how do they use it, your employer is bound by Privacy Act on their own terms. We work together with your employer to make sure your information is safe, by implementing best practice and monitoring access.

You may request your employer to provide you with information on who has access to your information and what procedures are in place to ensure your privacy is protected.

We require all users to maintain passwords and each log in event is allowed only if a second verification is passed: e-mail access verification or mobile phone-based authentication, to protect your data from being accessed without authorization

We may be required to provide this information to government bodies upon legally binding request (such as subpoena), and we will act on this request.

We may access and use your information if we receive a service request from your employer and your file is related to this request, as well as for Statistical and Analytical purposes and Error management (see Definitions on this page).

Our Team follows security procedures in relation to accessing your information and is bound to keep it secret. We also monitor our procedures and activities to ensure your information is safe with us.

We store your historical information and your employer can access this information. For example, when you change your address, employer can still see your previous address in your history. All backups of your information are encrypted and can only be accessed by us.

When you use our platform

Information you produce in our platform will belong to the owner of Business File / Employer you have signed up to. We keep this information for the use and benefit of the employer.

Information we gather includes your edits of information you have access to, including date and time when it happens. History of edits can be accessed by your employer.

We may use this information for our Statistical and Analytical purposes and Error management (see Definitions on this page).

Your User Account and link to other employers / business files

When signing up, you will create your personal User account with This account is yours – separate from your employer and managed directly between you and us – and information we keep there is yours as well. You can use this account to connect to other employers. User account is linked to your e-mail address and if you don\’t control your e-mail address, your access to this user may be taken over by whoever controls your e-mail address. In such case, your employer could change your password but cannot see your existing password. Until your employer takes over your account by changing your password via e-mail link, they do not see if you are connected to any other businesses. We recommend you use your personal e-mail address, especially if you intend to use your account to access multiple employers / your own businesses. You can also have multiple User accounts, using different e-mail addresses.

When you use our mobile phone applications

When you send with any information through our app installed on your phone, this information is also owned by your Employer. It is used in accordance with their privacy policy.

We can use your information to provide service assistance to your employer, and anonymously for statistical and analytical purposes.

How can you access your information

The easiest option is to contact your employer directly, as they know you. You may request a self-service access to see and change all information.

If you are no longer employed by the employer, you may still request your employer to provide your information to you, for up to 7 years (legal requirements).

We may only share your information with you directly only on these terms:

  • by providing you with requested extracts, not by giving you access to employer, and
  • if you provide us with a legally binding request (such as a subpoena) and you provide identification that will satisfy us that it is really you, and
  • reasonable cost of processing this request are prepaid.

General information


We use all information you provided to identify you and ensure security of data you own and have access to. You have access to all of it when you log in.

We may use your information to contact you with service announcements and directly to respond to your actions (in case of breach or reported error). We may also access this information for Statistical and Analytical purposes and Error management (see Definitions on this page).

We will not send you any advertisement or newsletters unless you explicitly consent to it. We may use our platform (after you log in) to share our news with you.

When you receive invitation to a Subscriber or Business File, we only use information provided to us by the sender of this invitation, therefore this information may be different to what you have provided. At the time of invitation, sender is not notified if you are already registered with us or not.


Subscriber data belongs to the owner. We access this information to assist in billing. We may access it to verify you if you contact us.

Owners and Admins control access and may give access to this information to others. We take no responsibility for actions of Owners or admins.

We may also access this information for Statistical and Analytical purposes and Error management (see Definitions on this page).

Business files

Data of the Business File is owned by the organization described in Business Details of the file and is ultimately controlled by Owner. Owner can grant / remove access to other Users and also give / remove Admin permissions. These permissions are given for particular Business File only (not for all files that Owner / Admin controls).

Admins have full access to all information stored in the Business File.

Owners and Admins are responsible for those who they give access to and their actions and use of the data stored in Business File, including any reports.

We may access data stored in Business Files to assist in a support enquiry (when enquirer is positively identified), and for Statistical and Analytical purposes and Error management (see Definitions on this page).


If you are a Contact in a Business File, your data belongs to the Owner of the Business File. If you receive any communication from them, this is usually done in their course of business. Please contact them first as we have no control over what information is held and how it is used, unless it breaches the law or our Terms and Conditions.

Automated invoices

If Business is using our platform to send you invoices and collect payments, this business is the Owner of your information stored in our platform and they should be contacted first in case of any breach. You may report the breach to us but we do not guarantee to take action if the Business is using our platform in line with this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions. Invoices that are accessible without logging in are protected using a hash code that can not be guessed or generated outside of this platform (within industry security standards).


We use cookies to assist in easier log in on computers you trust. Cookies are linked to User and cookie from one user will not facilitate access to other user.

How long we retain your data

Data that was given to us when you registered, is kept for 5 years after you disable your account.

Data that you provide to your Employer: your Employer takes responsibility and ownership of this information and they can delete it at any time, provided their obligations and compliance with laws are met. Please contact your Employer to find out about your data stored within their Business File at

We also retain backups of data, and historical data when edits are made.

How we protect your data

We take security of your data very seriously. We have implemented procedures that minimize risks of leaks. We also conduct external audits of data security – vulnerabilities and flaws in our processes – to ensure we stand to the highest standards in data protection. We monitor news in the world and implement all security measures that can stop any kind of breach.

Removing your data


Users may request to have their data removed. You can request deleting your information by e-mailing us. We can only remove data from their file outside of any Business File, while retaining integrity of our systems. If you wish to be removed from any particular Business File, you are required to contact the Owner of the Business File directly. Due to their compliance and legal requirements, this may not always be possible: some information stored in Olivs is the property of the Owner of Business File. Such information may include your personal data for payroll, history of payments, timesheets, your check-in / out information provided through Olivs OnTime, and other records. Your employer may be entitled and required to retain this data for 7 years, and in some cases even longer. In such case, Olivs acts as as a storing platform and we are unable to remove this data.


Subscribers can be removed by their Owner. Removing Subscriber may result in suspension of services to any Business Files linked, due to non-payment by the Subscriber. We may retain information necessary for us to identify payer of subscriptions and invoice data, including charge details.

Business Files

Business Files may be removed upon request of Owner. Please note all your data will be lost, but we may still keep backups that could be accessed by legal authorities upon request. You are responsible for keeping your business records, including payroll. Restoring backup of deleted companies by Owner may not be possible, and would incur service charges. You may stop your subscription and revert the file to accessible read-only file for compliance with record keeping requirements.