Olivs is an agile startup, willing to refresh and innovate accounting and business management. Our small team is built from Accountants, Business Consultants and Programmers, giving us a unique set of skills to build useful, user-friendly and agile applications.


Our plan to introduce new modules

March 2023

Olivs Books module – online software for Accountants and Bookkeepers to run their Clients’ accounts: Journals, bank reconciliation, bank feeds and rules automation, and comprehensive reporting. We will not offer the software to the Public / Business Owners. We wish to build a community of professionals sharing anonymous transaction data to build a comprehensive automation of data processing, and team up with professionals to improve our systems and build comprehensive help centre. Professionals can invite business owners to the software, but business owners will not be able to acquire software directly. They will also not receive full support.

May 2023

Olivs Payroll module will be launched, as an addition to Books. Working seamlessly with Accounting, it will integrate into Profit and Loss, plus add some basic and complex reports, including STP2. It will only be available through our professional network.

July 2023

Olivs Invoicing and Olivs Timesheets – online and app to easily issue invoices, manage Debtors and run analysis of your Sales. Collect your timesheets and issue invoices based on them. Track and bill your chargeable time.

August 2023

Public release – all available modules will now be available in Retail prices to the public. Our valued professional network will enjoy wholesale prices and multi-level introductory credits, refundable.

September 2023

Olivs Billing and Olivs Stock – online module to capture all bills, track stock and re-invoice. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc mollis nunc id sem aliquam, at commodo ex consequat. Donec sit amet

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