Why Olivs?

Have you heard about the Oliv(es) Theory?

A successful relationship is when one person loves what the other person hates.

You hate wasting your time on legwork and we love automation. We’ve spent heaps of time on creating Olivs,
so you can streamline your work.

It’s a perfect match.

Features that make your life easier

Bank feeds

Get up to 2 years of past transactions when you link an account, all ready for automated processing. Then get daily feeds as you go!

Bank rules

Account and Tax Codes are assigned to transactions automatically, based either on our suggestions or your settings.


A range of reports to present and analyse your finances, and get comparisons between periods, departments or clients. Easy one-click access to view your Profit & Loss, prepare Business Activity Statements and get in-depth analysis of all accounts and tax allocations.

Data entry

Import from CSV from any bank or list of transactions, coded or raw, ready for automated bank rules processing. Also, you can simply enter your statement row by row while keeping track of balance.


Collaborate with your clients, colleagues, teammates, partners, and accountants.

Single account

Never share your login again. Track your team’s entries directly to them. All companies are linked to Subscriptions

Cloud based

Place doesn’t limit you anymore! Olivs Books can be accessed from anywhere, as it’s cloud based.


Calculates taxes and gains, GST, PAYG, and runs reports for BAS.

Honestly, we just kicked off Olivs with all essential features, but stay tuned! Great things are about to come. Very soon we add:



Time tracking