Olivs Books – features

Manage all business files within your Subscription

Never share your login again. Track your team’s entries directly to them. All business files are linked to Subscriptions, with following features:

  • Allow automatic access to business files for all users, or require each user to request access
  • Quickly remove user’s access to all business files where access was granted through Subscription


Access most used features, see what’s new and check Bank Feeds status from Books Dashboard.

Bank Feeds

  • Any user can create bank connection and link bank feeds
  • Only owner of connection sees and manages their bank accounts
  • Use one connection to link bank accounts to different business files
  • Access up to 2 years of bank transactions from the day you create connection

Bank rules

Olivs Bank Rules assign Account and Tax Code to transactions, based either on our suggestions or your settings

  • use our comprehensive database that is expanded daily to automatically assign transactions based on the merchant’s and your industry, locations and other data
  • create your own rules for specific transactions, with multi-line entries

Data entry & feeds

Olivs Books offers a variety of ways to enter your banking and other accounting details:

  • Import from CSV – from any bank or list of transactions, coded or raw, ready for automated bank rules processing
  • Bank feeds – get up to 2 years of past transactions when you link an account, all ready for automated processing; and then get daily feeds as you go
  • Bank Entries – enter your statement row by row, keep track of balance
  • General Journal – enter manual journal transaction or import transaction lines from CSV
  • Money received / spent – enter banking transaction or import transaction lines from CSV

Bank reconciliation

The old-fashion tool to reconcile your accounts and ensure data integrity, completeness and improve quality of your reporting.


Olivs Books offers a range of reports to present and analyse your accounts:

Financial Report

Comprehensive multi-page General / Special Purpose Financial Reports combining cover page, profit & loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow report, directors / partners / trustees report and compilation report.

Performance reports

  • Profit and Loss Statement – detailed and high-level (account groups)
  • Profit and Loss periods comparison
  • Profit and Loss per Contact / Department Site
  • Business Activity Statement
  • Cash flow reports
  • Trial balance – with filters and periods comparison

Position reports

  • Balance Sheet – detailed and high-level (account groups)
  • Balance Sheet periods comparison

Detail reports

  • General Ledger – with filters
  • Tax Ledger – with filters

Divisions, IDs and codes, notes and review

All records in Olivs Books come with IDs and codes presented, so you can easily identify and reference your transactions. All links are stable so you can share a link to a contact or transaction directly by copying the website link (url).

Olivs Books can classify your transactions into Sites, for divisional reporting. Sites are part of Departments to better manage the depth of reporting you wish to achieve.

Mark entries for review and see all drafts & review entries from one form.